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Anto Akkara

Anto Akkara


With masters in English literature, post graduate diploma in journalism and LL.B from Delhi University, Anto Akkara has been a journalist with international media for a quarter century. The journalist ....


Veritas India Books

Veritas India Books
is a publishing venture born out of journalistic experience and conviction. ‘Veritas’ in Latin means ‘truth’. True to this meaning, Veritas India Books aims at publishing and promoting ‘true’ stories and writings. ‘Truth shall set you free,’ says the Bible and Mundaka Upanishad says, ‘satyameva jayate’.


Readers Testimonial

“ Dear Mr Anto. I have with me a book on Kandhamal (a blot on Indian Secualrism), given to me by a friend. I have read 57 pages with tears in my eyes & sorrow in my heart ... Pls inform me if I can be of any help as a human being. Hats off to ur presentation. May God shower u with more wisdom, ”
- Muhammad Yusuf (reader from Goa)

“I've read your book on 'Kandhamal - a blot on India's secularism'.  I was stunned to read the horrendous stories of what happened in Orissa.  I appreciate your courage and audacity to visit these dangerous areas and your boldness in publishing this 'eye-opener' book which exposes the savage and brutal carnage of the innocent and poor Christians in the name of religion by the religious bigots and thugs comparable to the demonic Nazis during the Second World War...”
- Lazar Paliakara ( France )

“Dear anto, Greetings from aluramus. Congrats for your faith and courage and witness in your famous book: early Christians of 21st century. I read every page of it. I hope and pray that the Christians of kandhamal get their justice from the lord. The lord waits patiently.but he does it. My prayers for your future ventures and the fight for justice for such brave Christians. Kandhamal jaiho! Anto jindabad!”
- Aluramus

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